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From "Rob van Oostrum" <>
Subject RE: developer vs. build manager
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2003 18:19:22 GMT
I like to use a combination of

- a file (which contains a version, release and patch level
number, resulting in a x.y.z format version number for each build). This
file is tagged with each version of the product. The values can be
overriddne at the command line, which triggers a CVS checkout of the right
version of the codebas or, if the tag doesn't exist,  a checkout of the main
trunk (or a branch if it concerns a non-existent patch level) and subsequent
- localized token parsing properties files for each target environment (last
time around local, development, staging, pre-production and production)
- a commandline property specifying the target environment (defaults to

This allows me to obtain a .tar.gz'ed release package which I can then
deploy (or send to a site engineer for deployment). Due to the complexity of
our access to target environments I never really saw much benefit in trying
to automate the deployment all the way through, although parts of our system
would be deployed using Ant.

I would use a seperate build CVS module that pretty much only contains the
overall generic master build file. The actual application module then
contains its own build.xml that handles things like compilation and
packaging (jar/war/ear). As long as each project is consistently organized
(i.e. deposit their jars/wars/ears in the same relative location and the
build.xml has the same basic target structure, which IMHO is as much the job
of a build manager as doing the builds is), the master build file can be
used to do everything beyond a developer build of his/her own local

Hope this makes sense

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From: David Muller []
Sent: September 10, 2003 12:15 PM
Subject: developer vs. build manager

I'm wondering how people are handling the different requirements of the
build.xml between the developers and the build manager?

Have separate build.xml files, use cascading, use

There are several targets I would like to include in a daily build
(javadocs, static analysis, jmeter, etc.) that most developers won't want to
run every time they make a change because it will take too long.


David E. Muller
Configuration Manager
Overture Services, Inc.
Office: 760.476.6406
Mobile: 760.458.2714

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