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From "Tim Davidson" <>
Subject running an external java task
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2003 15:47:55 GMT
I'm running Java 1.4.2, Win XP, Ant 1.5.4.

I'm using ant to run a java program called RetroGuard. but after calling RetroGuard, Ant stops
without any messages or anything. RetroGuard completes successfully. What I think is happenning
is that RetroGuard contains a System.exit() at the end, causing the Ant thread to be 'lost'.
Can anyone reccommend a solution so that ant continues when RetroGuard completes?
many thanks in advance.

    <target name="obfuscate">

      <java classname="RetroGuard" classpathref="project.obf.classpath">
         <arg value="a:/${project.jar.file}"/> 
         <arg value="a:/${project.obf.jar.file}"/> 
         <arg value="a:/${project.obf.rgs.file}"/> 
         <arg value="a:/${project.obf.log.file}"/> 

	<echo message="never gets here"/>

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