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From <>
Subject Ant help..
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2003 10:56:07 GMT
Hi friends,

 Thanks for such a live discussion on the thread "how to exclude...". As some of you have
suggested it's true that the problem is not with the ant exclude itself but a compiled file
is trying to access the file which I was excluding. This was because it's such a big build
with 1000's of files most of which are written by someone else.

I have one more Question to the experts...below

 I have two ant build files in a single directory namely build.xml and mybuild.xml. If I have
a target with the same name ( let's say they are for slightly different purpose ), how can
I differentiate which target should be executed. what command ??

 And the strange thing for me is little more than this

 I have a target called "compile1" in mybuild.xml. When I am executing "ant compile1", it
somehow processing build.xml though it do not have compile1 target in it. So how can I execute
compile1 target in mybuild.xml if the 2 files are in the same directory ?? What command ??


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