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From Ken Gentle <>
Subject SOLUTION: Modifying a DirSet (or any AbstractFileSet) from within a <script>
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2003 12:03:44 GMT
At 01:57 AM 9/11/2003, you wrote:

>By default only the "java" package is imported. So you have
>to import that special class or the whole package with
>     importClass(;

I caught this right before I left last night.  Importing the class resolved 
that problem, just as you've described.

>I will update the doc about this error message.


>Where I can get more infos about the adapter?

I found the only documentation to JavaAdapter in the 
netscape.public.mozilla.jseng forum 

My current solution looks like this:

     <script language="javascript">
       prj = self.getProject();
       dirset = prj.getReference("");

       scanner = dirset.getDirectoryScanner(prj);
       fromDir = dirset.getDir(prj);
       srcDirs = scanner.getIncludedDirectories();

       obj = { getIncludedDirectories:
           incDirs = super$getIncludedDirectories();
           return incDirs;

       sordidScanner = new JavaAdapter (DirectoryScanner,obj);
       dirset.setupDirectoryScanner (sordidScanner, prj);

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