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From John Holman <>
Subject replacing files in war/jar/zip file
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2003 11:54:39 GMT
I'm trying to use ant to replace unconditionally some files in a war 
file. The aim is for a system administrator to update the war file 
provided by a developer with their own local versions of custom 
configuration files, WEB-INF/web.xml and META-INF/context.xml. The files 
provided by the system administrator should override any files with the 
same name in the war file that might have been included by the developer.

The jar task with update="true" does what I want provided the files are 
more recent than those already in the war file. However I want the local 
files to override files in the archive regardless of their date, and 
can't find a straighforward way to do this. (I can copy all files from 
the original archive and then add the local files, but then I get two 
versions of the file with the same filename in the resulting archive).

Perhaps there should be a new attribute for the zip task, e.g. 
update="always" or replace="true", that means add all files mentioned in 
child fileset elements etc into the new archive, and then add files from 
the original archive that have not already been seen.

In the absence of this, any ideas? Am I missing something?

Many thanks, John.

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