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From Mika Moilanen <>
Subject Re: Setting property outside of target?
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2003 11:17:07 GMT

Great! Now running 1.7 snapshot Ant, I must admit I like this feature
a lot! Now I can set my platform specific properties dynamically
without having property files!

>>>>> "ext" == ext peter reilly <> writes:

ext> In the next release of ant (1.6), all
ext> tasks (except antcall) can be run outside
ext> of targets.

ext> A beta of 1.6 should be ready soon (next
ext> week with luck), but a nightly build
ext> would also work.
ext> Peter
ext> On Friday 26 September 2003 09:31, Mika Moilanen wrote:
>> I have a target "foo" of which task uses a property "bar":
>> <target name="foo">
>> <use property "bar"...>
>> </target>
>> I would like to evaluate the value of "bar" dynamically, outside of
>> any targets, but don't know how. I can't use "condition", since it
>> must be tied to some target.
>> Are there any other "condition" - like tasks which could be used
>> without target?

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