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From "Wascally Wabbit" <>
Subject Re: Home grown Ant tasks
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2003 04:15:27 GMT
The Ant website contains a listing of all the available Ant
extensions and tools at
Lots of good stuff...

Personally I work with the AntXtras package which contains
a set of logging tasks that work with Jakarta Log4J by default
(it also includes source to use J2SE 1.4's logging classes).

An AntXtra-based example to do what you requested might 
look like:

  <emitconfigure noiselevel="info">
     <emit message="An info level message"/>
     <emitconfigure noiselevel="debug">
         <emit message="A debug level message"/>
         <emit level="error" message="An error level message!"/>
     <emit message="after the more"/>
Where all <emit>s within the inner <emitconfigure> will broadcast
to any log4j appenders using the "debug" level by default unless
explicit marked with its own level. Everything within the outer
<emitconfigure> is broadcast with the "info" level by default.

The timing features might be accomplished using the export task.
For debugging I usually do something like: 

    <export name="duration_" op="now"/>
    [do the thing(s) being timed here]
    <export name="duration_" op="-now" copyproperty="duration"/>
    <echo message="**The duration: ${duration}"/>

Note: You need to have Log4J configured to send your logged 
information to the console, a file, a database, or whatever.
Logj is hosted at

- The Wabbit

----- Original Message -----
From: "Donald Strong" <>
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 09:55:50 +1000
To: "Ant Users List" <>
Subject: Home grown Ant tasks

> Hi all,
> I know there is a list of ant tasks submitted by ant-users but I can't recall
> where it is. Can someone give me the URL please? (Not ant-contrib)
> In particular I am after a logging task that can be configured within the 
> build.xml to increase logging for particular sections of the build.
> Kind of like "be verbose, but only for this bit". The ability to do
> timings into the log would also be useful.
> I guess I am after a profiler logger that can be configured by calling
> tasks withing the build.xml.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks in advance,
> Donald.

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