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From "Ben Gill" <>
Subject RE: SCP Task - ant 1.6alpha
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2003 14:18:45 GMT
For me too.  Thanks

I was not sure where to find the dtd/doc for the scp task, but it was easy to work out..

 <scp file="filetosend.tar" todir="remoteuser:remotepassword@remotehost:destination/remote/dir">

I then had a problem with my JCE initialisation (you have to add security.provider.n=com.sun.crypto.provider.SunJCE
to the file (and replace n with the next sequential number))..  I added (as
I already had 2 entries):


Still not quite there...  the scp task seems to be using ssh1 not ssh2...

      [scp] Connecting to myremotehost:22
      [scp] /u/myyser/.ssh/known_hosts (No such file or directory)

build.xml:288: Pipe closed

Total time: 23 seconds

I have a .ssh2 dir though!!  why is it not using this!?

Any ideas?

-----Original Message-----
From: James Richmond []
Sent: 12 September 2003 13:50
Subject: Re: SCP Task - ant 1.6alpha

Thanks again, replacing the ant-jsch.jar fixed it.

On Fri, 12 Sep 2003, James Richmond <> wrote:

>Thanks Stefan, please advise how to build with SSH tasks as suggested,

Pick up a source distribution, unpack it, put jsch.jar into the lib/optional 
folder and run the bootstrap script suitable for your platform.

>or point me towards an older build with working SSH tasks.

You can use the latest ant-jsch.jar from 
<> and put it into ANT_HOME/lib.


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