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From Phillip Lord <>
Subject Re: antmerge:- inheriting ant files.
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 17:50:15 GMT
>>>>> "Nicola" == Nicola Ken Barozzi <> writes:

  Nicola> Join the ant-dev list, there is a discussion going on.

  >> It's a little too high volume for me, I'm afraid. I wouldn't
  >> follow

  >> what was going on in general.

  Nicola> Well then, what about using  I set the newsgroup
  Nicola> gmane.comp.jakarta.ant.devel up on my newsreader (mozilla
  Nicola> mail) and it's very easy to follow only the discussions I'm
  Nicola> interested in.

It wouldn't make any difference for me. I split my mailing list mail
off with procmail, and then read it with Gnus. I'm already reading
this email list with my news reader. It 

  >> There are some interesting points raised here. I think that I am

  >> correct in thinking that having the import task working well will
  >> require solving many of the same problems of the antmerge
  >> functionality. It will be nice to see it in place, as it will
  >> solve at least one of the problems of antmerge. For me this
  >> functionality is pretty essential. I wouldn't have written a tool
  >> to provide it, if I had any choice in the matter!

  Nicola> ;-)

  Nicola> Well, our current problem is deciding how to solve something
  Nicola> similar to multiple inheritance, where we import two
  Nicola> snippets that have same target names, and that can interact
  Nicola> between each other without me knowing it explicitly... we'll
  Nicola> see.

I solve this simply with antmerge, by not allowing multiple
inheritance. You can do inheritance from several parents, but it's
done one after the other. So the one that comes in last wins. I do
this all the time with antmerge. Over riding one target with another
is one of the major functionalities I wrote antmerge for, although in
practice I have simply found the ability to combine two ant files more
important (that is "get me all the targets from these two files, and
stick them into one"). Over-riding properties is much more common in
my experience. 


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