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From Phillip Lord <>
Subject Re: pattern set problems
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2003 09:55:53 GMT
>>>>> "Stefan" == Stefan Bodewig <> writes:

  Stefan> On 14 Aug 2003, Phillip Lord <> wrote:

  >> I'm having a problem with the patternset type, which I've come
  >> across while developing our antmerge tool.

  Stefan> Yes, empty includes are treated like no includes, which in
  Stefan> turn triggers an implicit includes="**".  ISTR there is an
  Stefan> (unaddressed) Bugzilla Report to that effect.

  Stefan> The same happens when you specify an includesfile and the
  Stefan> file is empty.

  Stefan> I don't know of any workaround other than the one you've
  Stefan> found yourself, sorry.

Okay, fair enough. I'd thought it was the intended behaviour (it seems
to be documented as such). 

I'll go with my current solution.


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