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Subject Re: ant and clearcase
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2003 18:51:10 GMT

Thanks for the input

I am thinking of going ahead like this.

1.  Having dynamic view.

2. starting the view using startview in my ant script.

<target name="startview" >
          <echo message="Startview ..."/>
          <exec executable="cleartool">
               <arg value="startview"/>
               <arg value="app"/>


3. Building my application using the view.

So is this the correct way?.
In this case the only thing i am bothered about is that if I have to get a
different label then i will have to change the config spec for the view
manually. Is it a recommended way. Or can i also change the config specs
using my ant script.


Rakesh Shringi

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We found that dynamic view is several times slower than snapshot view (3
minutes build comparing to 45 minutes on a fast computer). Do you know
any tricks to make dynamic views faster?

- Alexey.

{ } Alexey N. Solofnenko
Pleasant Hill, CA (GMT-8 usually)

David McTavish wrote:

>We use CC extensively and all developers use dynamic views unless extreme
>circumstances prevent this (ie: they work on a laptop and frequently work
>from home).  One thing to note is that this configuration enforces clean
>"check-ins", as all users see check-ins immediately (usually within 1
>minute).  We've found this to be a good thing as it ensures that code
>compiles before merged to the repository, and also encourages more
>AND clean check-ins.
>I'd highly recommend using dynamic, only for the reasoning that it is MUCH
>easier to manage merges. (merging XML with CC can still be a pain).
>As far as sending scripts... not really much I can send that is special to
>using CC within Ant that isn't so proprietary it wouldn't do you much
>I do use some of the CCase tasks in the optional targets package, which
>useful, but I do alot of exec calls to invoke the cleartool.exe directly
>get all the functionality I need.  I think for tackling something like
>you'll have to first size-up what you need, before anyone could give you a
>cookie-cutter solution.  I think in the long-run, which implementation of
>revision control system you choose will be secondary to the management of
>the build environment itself. (Although CC does make things a lot easier
>over other solutions). So, once you start determining what exactly you
>to do with Ant, then will you understand what you need to ask to get it
>done. Unfortunately, there isn't much else I can provide at this time.
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>Subject: ant and clearcase
>can some one send me the scripts which can help me in using ant and
>clearcase for deployment.
>for deployment wich view is recomended dynamic or snapshot view.
>If some one has gone through the process i want to know the best possible
>Rakesh Shringi
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