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From "David" <>
Subject javadoc nested elements: group, tag, link don't work
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2003 10:58:39 GMT
Dear memebers,

I want to generate the javadoc documentation, but ant gives me problems when
I try to add one of the following nested elements: group, tag, link. I have
a simple javadoc invokation and I just added one of the following nested

            classpathref    = "compile.classpath"
            destdir         = "${javadoc.destdir}"
            sourcepath      = "${src}"
            packagenames    = "${javadoc.packagenames}"
            <tag name="pre" scope="all" description="Preconditions:" />
            <group title="Util" packages="isf.util.**"/>

>From the output is suprise to me that, there is no information about the
tags, group or list on
the invokation:
  [javadoc] Generating Javadoc
dropping G:\java\class;G:\java\class\properties from path as it doesn't
  [javadoc] Executing 'C:\win32app\jdk\bin\javadoc.exe' with arguments:
  [javadoc] '-d'
  [javadoc] 'G:\cvs\ams\doc\api'
  [javadoc] '-sourcepath'
  [javadoc] 'G:\cvs\ams\server\java\src'
  [javadoc] '-version'
  [javadoc] '-author'
  [javadoc] 'isf.util'
  [javadoc] 'isf.util.genbundle'
  [javadoc] 'isf.util.test'
  [javadoc] The ' characters around the executable and arguments are

so, there is no information about the nested elements: tag, link or group,
so such arguments
are not passed.

at the end of the execution, the hml pages are generated with no group, tag
or link information and I get the following message:
file:G:/ant/compile.xml:154: Could not create task or type of type: tag.

so, it doesn't understand the tag element.

thanks in advance,

David Leal

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