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From "Tim Davidson" <>
Subject RE: Versioning / Manifest
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2003 10:35:37 GMT
I have a related question.
Its it possible to create the manifest for a jar on the fly somehow?
The reason is to add a timestamp inside the JAR for versioning?
something like:
		<jar destfile="foo.jar"
			<manifest version="${TIMESTAMP}"/>

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From: Rebhan, Gilbert []
Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2003 11:21 AM
To: ant_user (E-Mail)
Subject: Versioning / Manifest


Scenario :

A Client/Server Application is distributed as a bunch of Jar's.
Client and Server have an XML-File that contains the versioninfo for these Jar's.
The Jar's of a new release are transfered to the server, the xml-File is 
manually created.

Question 1 : How to automate the creation of that xml-File ?

After starting the client, the client-xml is compared to the server-xml.
The new Jar's are then transfered to the client.

Question 2 : Is there a chance to transfer only the altered/newer class-Files
	       instead of the whole Jar as bandwidth is limited ?

I guess there's a way via the Manifest. If versioning is possible with the 
Manifest itself maybe we don't need that xml-file anymore ?

Best practices ?

thx for any advice !!


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