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From "Harkness, David" <>
Subject RE: dependencies shared between projects
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 21:47:31 GMT
Hiya Charlie,

I don't know about the *right* way, but this is what we do here. There
is a shared lib folder that we "publish" JARs to: ..\lib from any
subproject. This lib folder lives at the same level as the project
folders. These JARs are put into Perforce (I don't like that, but
whatever) when it is determined that the subproject is ready for prime

This is kind of a pain, as you may be working on two subprojects (A and
B) at once that depend on the same other subproject (C). However, what
if A needs the latest version of C while B needs the currently blessed
version? So I added a switch, javac.fresh, that tells it to look in the
individual subproject dist folders.

Each project has properties defined for it in the, one for the root, one for dist, one for JAR
name, etc. I use those instead of "../C/dist/<JAR>" even though that's
what ends up being used after property expansion.

I don't know if that was useful at all. I'm wrestling with WebLogic
right now, and it's winning. :(

David Harkness
Sony Pictures Digital Networks
(310) 482-4756

-----Original Message-----
From: Charlie Cano [] 
Sent: Friday, August 08, 2003 2:22 PM
Subject: dependencies shared between projects

Hello all,

Following the advice of the Manning book "Java Development with Ant,"
I'm creating a master build file and several "sub-projects," each with
their own stand-alone build file.  My directory structure looks like


and so forth.  My question is this:  If my sub3 project depends on code
generated from the sub2 project (whose output goes to
/project/sub2/dist/foo.jar), what's the "right" way to include foo.jar
in the classpath for sub3 ?

Thanks in advance,

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