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From Steinar Bang>
Subject Re: Making ant ignore project.dtd DOCTYPE
Date Sun, 10 Aug 2003 00:44:33 GMT
>>>>> Steinar Bang <>:

> Platform: Intel PII, debian sarge testing/unstable, Blackdown J2SDK,
> 	  ant 1.5.3-1

> Is there a way to make ant ignore the DOCTYPE declaration when parsing
> the build.xml file?  

Some googling has found me these possible solutions:

 1. replace the EntityResolver
    with my own dummy resolver, which just returns empty InputSources
    for all entities it's asked to resolve (ie. not null InputSources,
    but InputSource instances that contains no data)

 2. replace the EntityResolver with Norm Walsh's catalog resolver

 3. somehow set the validation feature of the SAX parser to false

I'm trying to find an approach that can be handled by arguments to the
ant command line.

What I don't know for the two first, is how to change the
EntityResolver used by the SAX parser, before the Ant program starts
using it.

What I don't know for the last one, is if turning validation off,
stops it from trying to find the DTD anyways (I think it doesn't).
I don't know how to set the validate SAX attribute from the ant
command line either.

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