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From Pavel Shalashov <>
Subject Re[2]: Ftp task: newer files upload
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 19:11:58 GMT
Hi Antoine,

I'm not sure that these bugs are the same. In case of 14333 all
files have been treated as new/changed. I my case the situation is a
little bit different.

Imagine I have not changed any files for several hours. Then I've
changed one of them. The ftp task successfuly identified this file and
uploaded it. Then, in a couple of minutes, I changed another file.
This time both the first and the second file were uploaded. And so on.

I have not figured time interval in which ftp "forgets" about files
yet. Hopefully i'll get back with this info soon.

And, just in case 14333 and my bug are linked - ls output on my
host looks so:

-rw-r-----   1 user    group          1502 Aug  6 19:10 filename

Don't know whether it makes sense, but there is 3 hours time shift
between my PC and the HPUX host where my sources are uploaded (may be
it is the time interval in which ftp treats files as changed). Another
issue - clocks on my PC and the remote host are not synced (about 10
minutes difference + 3 hours shift).


ALL> Actually, this problem (newer does not work) has already been reported.
ALL> You can add yourself as CC on the bug report if you want.
ALL> I will try to solve the issue in the next days.
ALL> Cheers,
ALL> Antoine
ALL> ----- Original Message ----- 
ALL> From: "Pavel Shalashov" <>
ALL> Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2003 10:42 PM

>> Hi All,
>>  I'm uploading my sources to the HPUX host by the Ant's ftp task as
>>  follows:
>>         <target name="ftp_upload">
>>                 <ftp server="${ftp_remote_server}"
>>                     remotedir="${ftp_remote_dir}"
>>                         userid="${ftp_user}"
>>                         password="${ftp_pass}"
>>                         newer="yes"
>>                         verbose="yes"
>>                 >
>>                         <fileset dir=".">
>>                         <include name="*"/>
>>                         <exclude name="*.project"/>
>>                         <exclude name="*.xml"/>
>>                 </fileset>
>>         </ftp>
>>         </target>
>>   The problem is that the task uploads not only the last changed
>>   files (newer="yes"). For some reason it transfers several files
>>   which were not changed since last upload.

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