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From "North Alex" <>
Subject RE: How to make generic rules
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2003 06:17:54 GMT
>This is exactly what i want to do, set the default attribute 
>one time and do not rewrite it for each task call. My goal is 
>to reduce the size of my build file which becomes quite 
>enormous. And to simplify the usage of current task like jar 
>by only specifying task specific attribute and not attribute 
>common for all task of the same type.
>But it seems not to be possible with ant. 
>Ant has a few step to do before being as powerful as make ;-)

We have component build scripts for currently 12 components.  Each
component script is about 10 lines long, yet we are able to create a
variety of reports for them, build, run tests, deploy and version
control them.  We have a lot of generic tasks in a file that is included
into each component script.  On top of that, there is a baseline script
and many project specific scripts ... however, all common tasks, such as
JavaDoc are all using the same target, no matter where they are run

You cannot change a property once it has been set ... so you set it when
you need it.  The description of what you wanted to do sounded just the
same as when we want to update a piece of information to a file ... most
of the time it will be info for a component, yet every now and then, it
will be for the baseline.  We do not have concerns about how long the
build takes, so the fact that antcall reparses the entire file is not a
problem for us.

The point is that you can do what you want, you just cannot do it in one

<= Alex =>

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