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From "Brown, Michael (Denver)" <>
Subject Problem with Javac??? on XP??
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2003 21:50:07 GMT
Anyone seen this error before?


Execute:Java13CommandLauncher: Executing 'javac.exe' with arguments:









The ' characters around the executable and arguments arenot part of the

Task [javac] finished 

Target [compile_debug] finished 

Task [ant] finished 

Target [compile] finished 

Task [antcall] finished 

Task [null] finished 

Error in class net.sf.antcontrib.logic.IfTask

Task [if] finished 

Target [run-it] finished 

Task [ant] finished 

Target [Interop] finished 

Error running javac.exe compiler

Ant Finished! 

This is happening in a build file run on an Windows XP machine running
Ant 1.5.


The last line in the single quotes is the line that shows up and, I
believe, creates the failure.  This line:



That line does not show up when running from the command line.

It seems to be working from the command line but not through a call to
an AntWrapper that was written in house.  It also seems to be working
through both methods using Windows 2000.


Any help is appreciated.

Mike B.


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