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From Daniel H A Lima <>
Subject Delete task
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2003 17:06:20 GMT
    Hi guys, how are u ?

    How can i delete files in an "apply way behavior" ?
    I must delete all files .ext1 for which exist the corresponding 
.ext2. Like :

a.ext1 (it would be removed because a.ext2 exists)
b.ext1 (it would NOT be removed)
c.ext1 (it would NOT be removed)
d.ext1 (it would be removed)
some_dir/z.ext1(it would NOT be removed)
some_dir/y.ext1(it would be removed)

    I don't want to use apply (and rm or del commands) because i would 
like to keep my build.xml as generic as possible (to run it under 
Windows and Linux SOs). Any ideas ?

PS: I must use ANT 1.4.1.

                                    Thanks in advance.


Daniel Henrique Alves Lima, Software Engineer
CiT Systems - Software enabling  the e-world
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