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From Rutger Hofman <>
Subject Re: SCP -> Secure file transfer with ant
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 23:35:59 GMT
Re your mail on Cygwin sshd:

OK, I removed the ssh stuff that I downloaded from, I updated
my cygwin (i.e. removed it except /home and did a fresh install), and
now I can indeed run sshd! Great, and thanks! (Took some configuration
of course..)

One minor problem is that I cannot login from remote as user Y if
user X is already logged in in the XP machine. The error message
is "/bin/bash: permission denied". It will have to do with faking
Cygwin identities and XP identities, I presume. It does not matter
greatly though, logging in as user X if user X is also the user of
the XP machine is OK, and that is enough.


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