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From Rutger Hofman <>
Subject Re: passing in list of files as arguements
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 10:30:38 GMT
I think you are there when you go back to using foreach:

<target name="build" depends="list">
         delimiter=" "/>

and your list target from below:
<target name="list">
      <fileset dir="." id="fs" includes="*.txt">
      <pathconvert pathsep=" " property="files" refid="fs"/>

and the gpg target:
Now I do not know what you really intended; should the formal
param of the invocation be inputstring="${the_value}" or should
it be the arg value="/home/user/my.txt" ?

The first:
<target name="">
     <exec executable= .... inputstring="${the_value}">
         <arg value="${gpg.param}"/>

Or the second:
<target name="">
     <exec executable= .... inputstring="${gpg.param}"/>
         <arg value="/home/user/my.txt"/>

Shawn wrote:
> any ideas of how I could use the following which gives me a list of 
> files in my directories to pass in values one at a time as a command 
> line arguement?
> <target name="list">
>        <fileset dir="." id="fs" />
>        <pathconvert pathsep=" " property="files" refid="fs"/>
>        <echo>${files} are in this dir
>        </echo>
>    </target>
> I am trying to so something like and need to opass them in one at a time 
> and not as a list.
>   <exec executable="gpg" os="RH Linux" inputstring="${the_value}">
> <arg value="--symmetric"/>
> <arg value="--passphrase-fd"/>
> <arg value="0"/>
> <arg value="/home/user/my.txt"/>
>> aagh, for getting filenames in as arguements:
>> found this, will try it

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