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From ejf <>
Subject Re: ms-dos question
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2003 15:56:38 GMT

Antoine and all,
thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
first the problem: whenever i have a target name that's "long" like "ant 
compile" or "ant doThisLongThing",
i'd get an Ant error like this:
"Target `compi' does not exist in this project"
my dos window still only takes 9 characters as a command and argument

here's what i did:
i turned echo to on (@echo on);
on the MS site here's what i got:

    Command Interpreter for Command
    The for command in the command interpreter (COMMAND.COM) is modal.
    The default is LFNFOR=OFF, which causes the for command to use the
    old Interrupt 21h function calls.
    In that case, only aliases (8.3 file names) can be used in the for
    If LFNFOR=ON is set, the for command uses the new Interrupt 21h
    and long file names can be used as part of the for command.

this makes little sense to me but what i did was add "LFNFOR=ON" 
(without quotes) to the top of my ant.bat file. now i can do a "ant 
doThisLongThing" or  "ant compile" without a "Target `compi' does not 
exist in this project".

and i'm still trying to figure out why my ms-dos window accepted on 9 


Antoine Levy-Lambert wrote:

>If you are having a problem with an ant script, then it is an ant question.
>Can you turn the echo on in ant.bat to see more clearly what is happening to
>you ?
>The first line begins with @echo off, just change off into on.
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>From: "ejf" <>
>To: <>
>Sent: Sunday, August 10, 2003 7:25 PM
>Subject: ms-dos question
>>i've been using Ant for a couple of years.
>>i know my way around Ant
>>BUT as of this week i cannot perform stuff like the following in my
>>ms-dos or command window:
>>"ant compile"
>>instead i get an error that says:
>>"Target `compi' does not exist in this project"
>>i'm getting the ms-dos  8.3 file length or argument error.
>>i'll grant you that this is not a direct Ant question but what's
>>happening and what do i have to do to change this?
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