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From Martijn Kruithof <>
Subject Re: Job Ads?
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2003 08:11:26 GMT wrote:
>>I would say no,
>>The main reason being that job ads are not on topic, and not 
>>of interest 
>>to over 99 % of the list population.
> That´s unknown ... yet.
> That´s why Conor asked.
Well that would already be mainly so due to the international nature of 
the list. Job offers would hardly be there were.
I admit that the 99% is a wild guess, a more serious guess would even 
come lower:

I think for a job offer to be interesting to someone three criteria must 
be met:
1) The person wants to  have (another) job (Lets say 20% wants (another) 
2) The persone must meet the criteria for the job (Lets say 10 % matches 
the criteria for the job)
3) The job must be at a place where the person wants and is able to take 
a job.
(Lets say 5% of the jobs are there where the person is willing and able 
to take a job, and I suspect this number to be too high due to the 
international nature of the list)
makes 0,2*0,1*0,05=0,001 makes 0,1% of the job offers of interest to a 
random individial on the list. And I even suspect this number to be way 
too high.

Furthermore I can sell to my boss to keep up with ant, I can hardly sell 
to my boss that I must read job advertisements.

Kind Regards, Martijn

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