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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: classpath
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 12:10:55 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> If you used (semi)colon as a separator and <pathelement
> path="${external.jars}"/> that would work without patching Ant itself.

Right - but I also want to use Copy to copy the jars at deploy time. I 
had to put an extra if statement in there to check whether the from-Dir 
was null, and if so, to initialize from-Dir with the dir of the current 
file in a for-loop. Otherwise Copy would just assume that the file name 
was relative to the from-Dir.

> I won't try to bore you with the reasons why there always seem to be
> too few hands with too little time to test and apply patches.  A
> strategy that seems to work:
> (1) open an enhancement request in bugzilla and attach your patch.  If
>     you just send it to the list it could get lost over time.
> (2) send a mail to dev@ant explaining why you think the enhancement is
>     worth it.
> (3) send a mail to user@ant so that the people who share your opinion
>     can go to the enhancement request and vote for it.
> (4) be persistent.  It is often the case that committers have a lot of
>     time for Ant development in one week and almost none in the next.
>     This could mean you'll need to redo (2).

Great. Thanks for the 1,2,3 - just how I cope with things best ;).

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