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From Daniel H A Lima <>
Subject Re: optional filtersfile
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 11:47:19 GMT
    Can you use one single file to "clear" the value of all properties 
and "available" task to decide when to load the override filters file ?

PERRY, Jonathan, FM wrote:

>I am using ant to builds server configurations based on a single template
>and filters specfied in properties files.
>A server configuration is defined by an environment + group + location
>eg: dev-risk-london or prod-pricing-newyork
>I load filters files to substitute values in the template. For example I
>want to specify filters for all risk servers or all newyork servers but then
>I also need to be able to override filters for production pricing servers or
>the uat risk server in paris.
>At the moment I create filters by loading multiple properties files, such as
>This works but I'm not happy with the fact that I have to create empty
>properties files for combinations that don't necessarily override any
>The solution I am thinking of is to subclass
> so that it is possible to configure it
>not to throw an exception if filters file does not exist.
>Can anybody suggest a better solution?
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