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From "Mattos, John" <>
Subject CVS on Linux via SSH Problem from a Windows 2000 Machine
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2003 17:11:43 GMT


I'm having a problem checking out code via ANT on my Windows 2000 machine.
The CVS repository and package are called indab and I access it through ssh.

Here is a snippet of my build.xml

<!-- Snippet -->
<property name="src" location="temp/src"/>
<property name="dist" location="web"/>
<property name="cvssrc" location="${src}/indabWeb/source"/>
<property name="cvsRoot" value=":ext:jmattos@VC30:/usr/local/indab"/> <!--
<property name="cvsRsh" location="lib\putty\plink.exe"/>
<property name="passFile" location="lib\putty\rsa\key"/>

<cvs command="checkout -N" cvsRoot="${cvsRoot}" cvsRsh="${cvsRsh}" 
     		passfile="${passFile}" package="indab" dest="${src}"/>
<!-- End Snippet -->

I get the following error:
BuildException: C:\Program Files\IBM\Application
CreateProcess: cvs -d :extssh:jmattos@vc30:/usr/local/indabweb checkout
IndabWeb/webApplication error=2.

The package does exist, I can check it out using WinCVS, and I'm connected
to the repository in WSAD using that exact connection string.

Anyone have any ideas?

Here is a screenshot of the directory structure from which I'm working.


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