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From Jason Varsoke <>
Subject XSLT: how to get output to STDOUT
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2003 19:35:53 GMT
Using the <xslt> task normally ouput goes to a file named *.html where
* is the name of the XML file used to generate the .html through the

But I would prefer my output go to standard-out (STDOUT / System.out). 
The reason is that I'm using XSLT (Xalan) to generate java code and N
files are created by one transform (yes yes, I know this goes against
the non-side effect virtue of functional programming).  So the output
of my transforms are a list of files that were created.

I could use the option extenion="log" and then just delete the files,
but I'd much prefer the output be put in Ant's normal output.

Any suggestions?


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