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From James Asher <>
Subject Adjusting Classpath
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2003 18:49:00 GMT
I have a JUnit test that also uses HtmlUnit.

HtmlUnit is using commons-logging which in turn will
delegate to another logging framework.  If you are
using java 1.4 then it will use the java built in
logging support.  If you are not using 1.4 but have
log4j in your classpath then it will use that. 
Otherwise it will use SimpleLog. How you change the
logging settings varies according to the logging
implementation you are using.

I am using Java 1.3, but I have log4j in my classpath.
 Is it possible to take out the log4j jar out of the
classpath just during testing and then put it back
after it?

Maybe somehow copy the current classpath to a
temporary classpath only used for unit tests and
remove the log4j jar then? 

I dunno, just trying to figure out a solution.


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