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From "Svetlin Stanchev" <>
Subject RE: Job Ads?
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2003 10:11:08 GMT
> From: Martijn Kruithof 
> Well that would already be mainly so due to the international 
> nature of 
> the list. Job offers would hardly be there were.

Why? In the past 6 years I've worked on 2 projects in South Africa, US
(for the same company) and Germany (for another company). Besides that,
especially for consultants it is quite common to travel...

> I admit that the 99% is a wild guess, a more serious guess would even 
> come lower:
> [...]
> makes 0,2*0,1*0,05=0,001 makes 0,1% of the job offers of 
> interest to a random individial on the list. 

You assume the events are independent, but actually the opposite is
For example, if a person wants a job, (s)he would be willing to
relocate, especially during these hard times.
Moreover, there might be people who like to have more options even
though they are quite happy with their current position, due to the
current uncertainty in the job market. These are outside those 20%.
Also, even if only 5% of the current list subscribers search for a
position, these would be (hopefully) not the same 5% that would search
in a month, so these percentages are moving targets.
What a better place for serious companies to search for experienced
people (not for "bodies" like Dice/Monster/...)?

> Furthermore I can sell to my boss to keep up with ant, I can 
> hardly sell 
> to my boss that I must read job advertisements.

Good point. If job ads are to be acceptable, they need to pass stringent
requirements as others noted already.
At least they must be clearly marked in the Subj: so that could be
filtered out.
And I would add this -- no bulk posts, no recruiters/headhunters;
location, duration, type of job (consulting/permanent) must be
specified. As is the case in some newsgroups (comp.lang.smalltalk).

Best rgs,

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