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From "Adam Jack" <>
Subject [ANN] Krysalis-Version Ant Tasks for Version Information
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 23:06:52 GMT
Dear Ant Users,

Ever wanted to "capture" information regarding the versions of packages in
your build environment? Ever wanted to ask others "what is your environment"
when they report a problem in your well tested code? Ever been frustrated by
jar-hell, and the manual tasks of debugging it? Ever wanted to assert
dependency upon a version of a package, despite the classloader loading
whatever it will? If so, that is what lead to Krysalis Version, so please
read on...

The Krysalis Version team is pleased to announce that Krysalis Version 0.9
(release candidate 2) development has been concluded.

Krysalis Version provides a foundation for discovery and programmatic
manipulation of version information, primarily for packages. Krysalis
Version will "introspect" an environment to determine what versions are
available, including allowing users to assert constraints for their package.

In short, this is in an attempt to automate the common steps associated with
debugging jar-hell (version mismatch) and bring some order to Java

With Krysalis Version users can automate the tasks of:

1) Ascertaining the version/availability of a given package (say during a
2) Displaying the Java environment (to screen/ant log or to XML)
3) Checking consistency of the current environment (against constraints)
4) Stamping an annotated/attributed version into ones own packages.
.. and more.

For more information see :

and for the ant tasks:

To obtain the release see krysalis-version "Version 09-rc2" at :

Note: These were built with and against ANT 1.6 nightly, using JDK1.4, and
compatibility with earlier release combinations has NOT been established. It
does appear to run satisfactorily with the latest release, 1.5.3-1.

This is an initial pre-release, primarily providing tools available as
command line tools, ant tasks, and a fledgling API. Please exercise these
tools, specifically the ant tasks, and/or read the WWW site, and provide
feedback. This release candidate is presenting in order to solicit feedback,
positive or critical, to:

Input is sought, on the concept as well as the implementation, so please do
provide feedback including ideas for improvements.

And finally, catch up with the latest from Krysalis at:


The Krysalis Version Team.
Stamp out JAR-Hell...

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