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From (Mike Castle)
Subject Re: Using the same targets across multiple platforms
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2003 17:41:00 GMT
In article <>,
Parnell, Giles (AU - Sydney) <> wrote:
>I don't want to have to write different targets for each environment as
>it'll make the build script harder to maintain and far to long. I wanted to
>use the ant 'if' statement but it appears to only apply to a target, and
>what I really want is to be able to apply the if to specific exec statements

<exec/> supports the `os' attribute.

><target name="debugjboss" >		
>	<!-- Only do if SOLARIS -->
>	<exec dir="${bin}" executable="${bin}/">
>		<arg line="-c ${projectName}"/>
>		<env key="JAVA_OPTS" value="-remote debugging props/>
>	</exec>

Add to the exec:

or something like that.

     Mike Castle
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