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Subject Unable to delete directory
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2003 17:48:51 GMT
I have searched the archive and found several messages about this problem,
but no indication that anyone has acknowledged a problem in ANT.  A few
users actually did have other processes with references to the directory,
but a couple of the entries in the archive appear to have gone unresolved.
I have now encountered the same problem, and did quite a bit of research
trying to resolve the problem.

Problem: DELETE task fails because it is unable to delete a directory.

I have an ANT target that includes a delete task to remove an entire
directory.  The directory contains several subdirectories of java class
files that have been collected into a jar.

Using -debug option, and verbose='yes' on the delete task, I have
determined that the failure occurs when deleting a directory that becomes
empty as a result of deleting all subordinate files and directories.

I have confirmed that there are no command windows, or other processes
accessing the directory.  Following the ANT failure, I am able to delete
the directory manually using 'rmdir /s' command from the same command

I am providing a portion of the build.xml to illustrate the relavent tasks.

1. in the server target, the delete task always fails.  With failonerror
='false' ANT will usually report 12 "Unable to delete" messages.  However,
I have seen as many as 18, and as few as three.
2. in the client target, the first delete task always succeeds.  This
confirms that no other processes have an open reference to the classes
3. in the client target, the second delete task always reports two or three
Unable to delete messages.

I moved the project to a network drive, and the ANT INSTALL task runs
successfully with no errors reported by any of the delete tasks.

I turned OFF disk cache for WRITES, and this caused the number of Unable to
delete messages to increase.  This led me to suspect that the problem is OS

In all cases, the error appears to occur following the delete of the last
file within a directory, and the attempt to delete the empty directory.
When ANT terminates, the only thing left in the classes directory is empty

All of this leads me to suspect that the reference to the directory is
actually held by ANT itself, and ANT needs to have a small delay between
the delete of the last file, and the attempt to delete the empty folder.
Or perhaps there is an system call that will flush the file system buffers
prior to attempting the delete.

Windows XP
512 MB memory

------- Ant diagnostics report -------
Apache Ant version 1.5.3 compiled on April 16 2003

 Implementation Version (JDK1.2+ only)
core tasks     : 1.5.3
optional tasks : 1.5.3

 ANT_HOME/lib jar listing
ant.home: C:\java\apache-ant-1.5.3-1
ant.jar (737884 bytes)
bcel.jar (491551 bytes)
optional.jar (671546 bytes)
xercesImpl.jar (885250 bytes)
xml-apis.jar (108484 bytes)

 Tasks availability
stlist : Missing dependency com.starbase.starteam.Item
telnet : Missing dependency
ftp : Missing dependency
jdepend : Missing dependency jdepend.xmlui.JDepend
script : Missing dependency
junit : Missing dependency junit.framework.TestListener
stcheckin : Missing dependency com.starbase.starteam.Item
stcheckout : Missing dependency com.starbase.starteam.Item

 org.apache.env.Which diagnostics
Not available.
Download it at

 System properties
------------------------------------------- : Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition
sun.boot.library.path : c:\java\j2sdk1.4.2\jre\bin
java.vm.version : 1.4.2-b28
java.vm.vendor : Sun Microsystems Inc.

-- build.xml extract --

<project name="jonas" default="install"  basedir=".">

  <target name="client"  >
    <delete dir="classes" />
    <mkdir dir="classes" />
    <jar jarfile="lib/client.jar" update="true" basedir="classes">
      <fileset dir="${jonas.root}/conf">
        <include name=""/>
        <include name="jonathan.xml"/>
        <include name=""/>

      <attribute name="Main-Class" value

    <delete dir="classes"  failonerror="false" includeEmptyDirs="true" />

<target name="server" >
    <jar jarfile="lib/jonas.jar" basedir="classes"/>
    <delete dir="classes"  failonerror="false" includeEmptyDirs="true" />

  <target name="install"
      description="build all"


Michael Giroux

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