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From "john hicks" <>
Subject Eclipse and executing different builds
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2003 09:55:45 GMT

Forgive the newbie question, which probably has a newbie answer.  I have
looked in the faq's and tried to fiddle a few things.  Before it gets more
confusing I thought maybe I could troll for a simple answer.

The problem:  I am trying to use Ant inside Eclipse.  The java project
concerned is rather large.  All the targets I have made are working (clean,
buildirs, compile, jar etc), but not always in the way I want.  In
particular, my 'run' target.

I have a BIGproject, in which there is a source tree under ./src  and Ant
compiles all of the source files very nicely to ./build/classes

I then use Ant to copy those classes along with other things in my project
(properties and images files) to ./build/application where  I would like to
simulate the build in a 'standalone' capacity.  So far so good, but when I
execute my built project (in ./build/application) Ant is going back to the
original BIGproject directory (".") for the properties files.  But I want to
make sure that my app has everything it needs under ./build/application  and
don't want Ant to look anywhere above ./build/application for files.

I can confirm that Ant is running the compiled classes I copied from
./build/classes to ./build/application because I can delete ./build/classes
and the app still runs.

However, even though I have also copied ./foo/bar/properties into
./build/application, if I delete ./foo/bar/properties I crash.  So Ant is
still going back to the original project dir "." to look for help even
though I have already got ./build/application/foo/bar/properties available
'locally' withing my build.

How to tell Ant to 'limit' it's path search once the application has been
built so that I am really just testing the actual build.  I hope I don't
have to have a second build.xml file inside the ./build/application
directory, as this would seem to contradict the goal of Ant, to centralize
all the things you might need to do.

Hope this makes sense, isn't too naive and most of all... that someone has a
straight answer.



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