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From "WERNER,WOLFGANG (HP-Germany,ex1)" <>
Subject AW: ZipOutputStream, special characters and encodings
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2003 08:51:04 GMT
>> but after dumping its ZipEntry to a ZipOutputStream, it is
>> corrupted.

>In what way?  How do you verify that corruption?
A file named "Publication äüö" becomes "Publication Sn÷" in the zip file and can not be extracted due to not matching

>Note that Java's ZipInputStream and ZipFile classes won't be able to
>properly parse those names back (like ZipOutputStream the only
>encoding those classes support is UTF-8).
I just leared that the filenames com encoded in Cp1252, but reading the
statement above, that doesn't change anything. 
I understand that I can encode in and out streams to whatever encoding, but
this does not change anything. Right?

>Ant's CVS HEAD contains a ZipFile class that doesn't suffer from that
>problem, but needs some extended testing - all help is welcome 8-)
I think using ant's ZipFile and helping to fix any possibly occuring bugs is
the best option for us :)
Do you plan to patch your ZipInputStream in that way too?


Thank you for the quick reply,

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