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From "WERNER,WOLFGANG (HP-Germany,ex1)" <>
Subject ZipOutputStream, special characters and encodings
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2003 08:19:44 GMT
Hi all,
I use ant's ZipOutpustStream since java's own seems to be quite buggy :)
I create a zipfile by recursively running through a directory and adding
entries. Filenames can contain german umlauts and other special characters
(everything windows allows ...). 
These filenames are then corrupted in the zip file. The encoding of the
System is ISO-8859-1, and set correctly. When i print the filename to
stdout, it looks ok, but after dumping its ZipEntry to a ZipOutputStream, it
is corrupted.
I already tried to use setEncoding() on ZipOutputStream, but didn't get the
desired results.

Am I missing something obvious? Any pointers appreciated.


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