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From "Maris Orbidans" <>
Subject RE: Ant book review in JavaPro July 2003
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2003 14:08:07 GMT


I created a task to deploy JSP files, however it's not working as I expect.

If I use <fileset> with <include> or <exclude> tag, than sometimes files
aren't copied.

For example, this task doesnt copy JSP files properly.

<target name="deployJSPfiles">
    <copy todir="${tomcat.home}/webapps/iaks">
        <fileset dir="${webapp.root}" includes="*.jsp">
            <include name="*.jsp"/>

Sometimes there is a new JSP file in ${webapp.root}/tiles which doesnt exist in ${tomcat.home}/webapps/iaks/tiles,
however the task doesnt copy the file.

could someone help me ?

Maris Orbidans

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