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From "Damiano Altomare" <>
Subject R: tasks hell
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2003 21:34:04 GMT
I think that the problem is partially due to the documentation.
When you start reading a buildfile you've no idea what targets you'll find
.. when you find a new target you need a quick help about what the target
makes without open documentation.

A good solution would be :

1. dividing the tasks in (formal) tasks families (i.e. file system tasks,
packaging tasks ...).

2. The project tag says(with an attribute or a subtag): "this project uses
only these tags families (so newcomers reading the buildfile will know are
used only the declared classes of tags, and they'll document on the class
families they don't know).

3. The name of each task is divided (and written in the buildfile) in a tag
family and the real name of the task (e.g. taskfamily + taskname; giving an
idea to the reader of the task job; and helping in searching in to the
documention (newcomers extracting the family name from the task name can
search faster in documentation, i.e. reading the task name they are
"addressed" to a particular tasks family).

It uses the classical computer science concept of "divide and conquer" and
it is similar to the concept of Java package :

"1." and "2." are similar to java import directives.
"3." says if you want express a java  object (a task in ANT) you would
specify the name of the package (the tasks family in ANT).

I hope all i've written is clear (english is not my native langage, sigh!).

What do you think? do you think it is a good idea?

Ciao, Damiano.

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Da: news []Per conto di Antoine Levy-Lambert
Inviato: giovedì 10 luglio 2003 22.07
Oggetto: Re: tasks hell

Hi Damiano,
it is true that there are lots of tasks in ant.
There is some work in progress to provide a better documentation, where the
tasks would be sorted according to area of use, like scm tasks grouping
Perforce, CVS, StarTeam, ... or packaging tasks grouping Zip, Jar, Tar, ...
"Damiano Altomare" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> Hello! It is some months I use Ant to build J2EE applications; I've noted
> that the Ant community is adding and adding tasks to Ant; this is good
> beacuse Ant have new features.
> But for newcomers it is hard to to master this great number of tasks; they
> are really panicked the first times they read (and sometimes write a build
> file) beacuse they have (they must) to navigate between (a lot of) tasks
> documentation. What do you think about?

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