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From "Rob van Oostrum" <>
Subject RE: <cvs import .cvsigonore />
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2003 16:00:40 GMT
Not an Ant issue but hey, it's almost Christmas ...

AFAIK, .cvsignore isn't used by CVS at import-time. If you want to import a
new module into a repository, you'll have to ensure that only the files that
you want are in the directory from which you're running cvs import.

so ... you might want to

1) specify all the files that do need to get into CVS in a fileset (which
does allow you to exclude things such as certain files and directories)
2) copy the fileset to a temporary directory
3) run cvs import from that temp directory

hope this helps

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From: Rebhan, Gilbert []
Sent: July 2, 2003 10:25 AM
To: Cvsnt (E-Mail); ant_user (E-Mail)
Subject: <cvs import .cvsigonore />


Scenario :

The cvscommand in my buildfile to get a new module in cvsrepository.

		command='import -m "initial import" MyProject1 gilbert MyProject_0_01'

Question :

Is there another way than import for a new module that resists outside a
sandbox ?!

Problems :

With a given structure like that :

          helper classes with *.class

I also get the subdirectory into repository but it should stay outside.
As far as i know, i may only use filepatterns in .cvsignore ?!

My cvsignore looks like that :

Question :

How do exclude directories ?
Why are only *.class of rootdirectory ignored but *.class of subdir get into
cvs ?

thx for any advice/hints !!  Cederquist didn't help


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