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From "Michael Finger" <>
Subject Ant build script with versions// self updating ant scripts
Date Mon, 14 Jul 2003 18:05:57 GMT
I'm looking for some general advice for maintaning ant build scripts
across product versions.
Here's the scenerio:
We have servers running different versions of our product, say a product
integration server at v3.1 , a test server at v3.1, and a dev server at
So when I run a build on the test server it grabs the latest version of
the code with the 3.1 tag in cvs...which is great, but the build scripts
are tightly integrated with the build version, i.e. I might change dtd
mapping variables in a file that exists in 3.2 but didn't exist in 3.1
(or vice versa)
I'm in the process now of having the ant scripts update themselves/ grab
the right build version for the version we want to build, but am looking
for any general advice/pitfalls to watch out for 
going foward...


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