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From "Melissa Marquis" <>
Subject RE: dist vs deploy targets
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2003 18:01:18 GMT

Hi Danny, 

We've got a build/dist target and this is where developers can pick up the 
latest build (un QA'ed).  Release targets (ones that have passed regression and smoke tests)
are in the <project dir>/dist which is a release version of the distribution complete
with build no, version, and manifest

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From: Danny Zapata []
Sent: Friday, July 25, 2003 1:42 PM
Subject: dist vs deploy targets

Hello all,
I am seeking a little guidance for the proper use of the dist target and how
it relates to deployments.
So here is my situation:  
Currently, the dist target of my projects places the files out to the
projects' dist directory, and if certain env variables are set, it
configures the project in the dist dir, by modifying config files, writing
out a couple of files, etc.  This is so developers can run the servers right
from the project directory by running ant start.server.  If the env
variables are not set, then it puts generic configuration info into the dist
directory.  This is so when we need to do a distribution, I can just collect
the dist dirs around the depot into one distribution package.  If I don't
write out a generic configuration, I wind up with a bunch of files in the
dist directory which either have tokens @param@ or env.Param in them
So should I be separating out the dist target into two targets, one for just
copying the files over (dist) and another for configuration (deploy or
config)?  Are there any docs that could give me some guidance in this

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