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From <>
Subject RE: Updating Ant within WSAD 5
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2003 14:25:50 GMT

(haven't tested this myself, I use eclipse)



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From: Bansemir, Carsten []
Sent: 09 July 2003 16:21
Subject: Updating Ant within WSAD 5

Hi, I am running Websphere Application Developer 5 (GA) and want to use ant within WSAD. Normally
all works fine, but when I want to run an optional task (the cvs task) the following error
is being reported:

'The <cvs> task doesn't support the nested "commandline" argument' .. but I know it
DOES (from command line with Ant 1.5)
So I thought that I have to add the optional.jar to the WSAD Ant classpath, and update to
a newer version of Ant inside WSAD. WSAD Documentaion says something like that:

"Then, go to the x:\ws_installdir\plugins\org.eclipse.ant.core directory (where x:\Ws_installdir
is the directory where you installed Application Developer) and rename ant.jar, antsupport.jar
and jakarta-ant-1.3-optional.jar (for example, to *.oldjar). Drop in your new JARs. If any
JAR has a different name, such as jakarta-ant-1.4-optional.jar, edit the plugin.xml file in
org.eclipse.ant.core accordingly)."

But when I look in the org.eclipse.ant.core dir there is no jakarta-ant-1.x-optional.jar,
only antsupport.jar and antsupportlib.jar.

What I want to know now is: How do I update within WSAD from Ant 1.3 to Ant 1.5 including
the optional.jar?
Or is antsupport.jar simply the renamed ant.jar (and antsupportlib.jar = optional.jar)?

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