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From "Craig Messinger" <>
Subject CACTUS cactifywar task not able to be loaded
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2003 20:13:18 GMT
I am trying to use the CactifyWarTask from the cactus-ant.jar as distributed with Cactus. 
In my ant build file, I set up the taskdef as such:
            <taskdef name="cactifywar" classname="org.apache.cactus.integration.ant.CactifyWarTask"
I have placed the cactus.jar in the lib folder of ant and pointed to it in the classpath attribute
of the taskdef.  I have also done both.  Both cause a taskdef not found error when I run ANT
from the command line.
   Task: taskdef Class org.apache.cactus.integration.ant.CactifyWarTask loaded from parent

BUILD FAILED file:W:/testbuild.xml:16: taskdef class org.apache.cactus.integration.ant.CactifyWarTask
cannot be found.

My ANT_HOME is set up properly. 
    <target name="test.prepare" depends="package">
        <cactifywar srcfile="${war.dir}\${}.war"
            <classes dir="${test.classes.dir}" />

W:\>set classpath=J:\apache\jakarta\ant\lib\cactus-ant.jar
W:\>ant -f testbuild.xml
Buildfile: testbuild.xml
Craig Messinger
Plexus Scientific

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