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From Matthias P. <>
Subject Bug in <exec>/<args>?
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2003 15:48:30 GMT

as writen in my mail before i am having problems to pass a command via
<exec> to the command line. After having (a very sharp) look at the ant
output i
realized that the <exec> or <arg> tasks cuts out my qoutes. My command
specially needs the quotes so i entered them by &qout; but in the -verbose
they arent there! 

Here my ant-task:
  <target name="pvcs-create-baseline" depends="probe-for-pvcsclient">
    <echo message="this is the quote test:[&quot;]"/>
    <exec executable="cmd.exe" failonerror="true" vmlauncher="false">
      <arg line="/c cmdclient -user xxx -pass xxx -host
-install /var/xxx/dimensions7_2 -dbname xxx -dbpass -sqlnet
-cmd &quot;CWSD src&quot;"/>

Look at the &quot; in the <arg> element. It is not in the verbose output...

     [echo] this is the quote test:["]
     [exec] Current OS is Windows NT
     [exec] Executing 'cmd.exe' with arguments:
     [exec] '/c'
     [exec] 'cmdclient'
     [exec] '-user'
     [exec] 'xxx'
     [exec] '-pass'
     [exec] 'xxx'
     [exec] '-host'
     [exec] ''
     [exec] '-install'
     [exec] '/var/xx/dimensions7_2'
     [exec] '-dbname'
     [exec] 'xxx'
     [exec] '-dbpass'
     [exec] '-sqlnet'
     [exec] ''
     [exec] '-cmd'
     [exec] 'CWSD src'

In the last line there should be the quotes! Is this a bug or I am doing
something wrong?


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