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From "Glanville, Jay" <>
Subject RE: How to import/export source/classes into/from Eclipse
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2003 11:56:23 GMT
Hello Chienbui.

Nope.   That really doesn't help that much.  So, I'll tell you what I know
and let you use that for your own purposes.

In Eclipse, you need to set up a project (for this example, I'll name it
Proj).  Set the project contents to a directory (eg: c:\proj).  In the
project, set the source directory (eg: c:\proj\src) and output directory
(eg: c:\proj\output).  Note that these are sub directories of the project
dir.  Next, setup Eclipse to refresh the project upon startup (Window ->
Preferences -> Workbench -> Refresh Workplace on startup).  This will tell
Eclipse to look at your project and ensure that the class files are up to
date with your source files.  Now you can shut down Eclipse and look in your
output directory for the classes.

Hope this helps.


> Hi Glanville,
> I have to refer to both of Eclipse and Visual Age for Java 
> :(( With VAJ
> I think I can use Ant library to do import/export tasks (but I am not
> sure about compile task, because I need classes when perform export
> task). My tool does not depend on environment (but I can use Ant to
> build this tool, and I think Ant is not depend on environment too), it
> will be created an plug in of Ant, I can use VAJ or Eclipse as editor
> but I can not use them to compile, so I think I will use Ant 
> (of course
> with a Java SDK) to compile.
> I have to compare compiled classes with classes on WAS 
> because I want to
> know has changing in source code that I get from VSS/CVS or 
> not. Can you
> understand me?
> Thanks for your help
> Chienbui

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