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From Dale Anson <>
Subject Re: Passing a property from sub project to main project
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2003 23:38:45 GMT

I see you also posted a question about antelope, so I'm assuming you 
have looked at the various "call" tasks included? If not, look at 
'antfetch' (similar to 'ant'), 'antcallback' (similar to 'antcall') and 
'call' (not similar to anything, but seems to be what many people expect 
antcall to be.


Sushil Sureka wrote:

>I understand that in Ant I can not pass a property from a sub project to the main project
but the reason I am mailing this email is because I am wondering if there is any alternative
solution to this. 
>What I am trying to do is run some installs using Ant. The way I have set it up is a main
project does some initialization work then makes a ant call for every software a user wish
to install (meaning knowledge of install of a software is contained in a separate file). What
I want to do is that, if a software install fails, I need to clean up all the install that
has happened till that point. But the knowledge of the fact that the install has failed is
only available to the sub project whereas the "clean task" has to be initiated from the main
project. Wondering any idea how to achieve this?
>Any idea would be appreciated.

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