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From Jorge Pereira <>
Subject jvmarg problem - URGENT!
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2003 17:01:12 GMT
Hello everybody,

    I have a ant build that has the folowing code in a target to run 
some tests:

        <java fork="yes" classpath="${run.classpath}" 
classname="" >
          <jvmarg value="${}" />
          <jvmarg value="${}" />
          <jvmarg value="${}" />
          <jvmarg value="${}" />

and this property:

  <property name=""         
file:///$basedir/lib/another/somejar.jar"' />

The problem is that "java.rmi.server.codebase" must export both paths, 
but ant refuses to do this correct.

In JavaBuilder i define the property to pass to jvm as :

and it runs perfectly.

In ant, until now, it did run everything ok because i only have to 
export on file in codebase.

I tryed to excape from the quotes with the "&quot;" sequence but nothing.

Can anybody help ???

Thanks in advance.

Jorge Pereira

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