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From Daniel Barclay <>
Subject Re: Properties in Ant are immutable [was: Bug with property/propertyfile ?]
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2003 20:19:34 GMT

I wrote:

 > ... are you confused about what "language" means...?

Okay, I guess that's the problem.

"Language" does not mean "programming language."

Whether Ant's build file format is a programming language or
not, or whether it is a scripting language or not, Ant's build
file format is still a language.  It has syntax and meaning.

Actually, Ant's basic build file format is, in part, a scripting
language and is, in part again, a declarative language:

Within a target, one selects tasks (parallel to OS commands)
and specifies how they are to be applied (parallel to listing
commands and specifying options in a script file).  Therefore,
that part of Ant's build file language is a scripting language.
(I'm not saying it is a _general_ scripting language.)

Additionally, because Ant's build file format specifies
dependencies between targets (which Ant (the interpreter)
uses to figure out an appropriate overall build order), that
part of Ant's build file language is a declarative language.
(Again, I'm not saying that it's a full declarative scripting/
programming language.)


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