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From "Anderson, Robert H - MWT" <>
Subject RE: Trying to get rid of makefiles
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2003 00:11:10 GMT
So they want to guarantee that all the classes are recompiled but they don't
want to delete the classes before compiling. You're right... that is
ridiculous. You should convince them that it is not a waste of time to
delete the class files before recompiling because it is the only way to
gaurantee that all the classes are being compiled. Or just stick with
makefiles ;)

-Rob A

-----Original Message-----
From: Leonardo Abreu de Barros [] 
Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2003 4:02 PM
Subject: Trying to get rid of makefiles

Hi all,

I work in a company that has a long history using makefiles. Since I 
joined it, I proposed to migrate to Ant. Some people resist to 
changes, some people agree, as long as all benefits provided by the 
makefiles are covered by Ant.

I've already reproduced all behaviors but one: currently, all java 
classes names are declared explicitly in the makefile, and sent to 
the java compiler. It rebuilds all the class files, at each build. 

They want this behavior in order to detect broken code, due to 
changes on a base class, for example.

The problem is that Ant, specifically the <javac> task, only 
recompiles ".class" if the timestamp differs from the related ".java" 
file. I've read on documentation that to detect this kind of broken 
dependencies, you should perform "clean builds" from time to time.

I proposed this solution, but it wasn't accepted. They think it's a 
loss of time (even if it's ridiculous) to delete all ".class" files 
before calling the compiler. If I'm not able to reproduce this 
behavior with Ant, they prefer to keep the makefiles.

Does anyone have any idea of how I could reproduce this behavior 
using Ant? Any other possible solution?

Thanks in advance,
Leonardo Barros

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