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From Laird NELSON <>
Subject Re: Buildfile testing (again)
Date Fri, 11 Jul 2003 14:42:39 GMT
----- Original Message -----
From: Stefan Bodewig <>
> > Now, my classpath is set up properly, because my TestCase is loading
> > and running (obviously).
> Uhm, no, not obviously, sorry.

But...but...{blank stare}

> <taskdef> will consult the system classloader, your testcase has been
> loaded by the classloader that has loaded the testrunner in your
> <junit> task.

{time passes as our hero uses his small brain to understand this}

I thought taskdef used a new AntClassLoader, as in line 
275? (Ant 1.5.3)  I guess that must consult the system classloader 

> If you provided a <classpath> to <junit>, its content
> will not necessarily be available to <taskdef>.

OK.  Still puzzled, but OK.

> Say, all Ant classes are on the system classpath - most likely unless
> you are running a very very recent nightly build.
> <junit> loads JUnitTestRunner from system classloader, this one loads
> your testcase using the classpath you've specified, fine.

With you so far.

> Your testcase load Project, which in turn gets loaded from the system
> classloader as it is available there and the classloader used to load
> your testcase delegates to its parent before trying to load a class
> itself.

Right; my debug output says, among other things:

  Class loaded from parent loader

> Project in turn loads Taskdef and at this point, all information about
> the classloader that has loaded your testcase has been lost.

Aah.  OK.

> > Is there something else I have to do to enable ant's tangled 
> guts to
> > look in the right place to find my taskdef class?
> Certainly. 8-)
> (1) use fork on your <junit> task - this means that all that has been
> in <classpath> will now be on the system classloader.

Well, the dirty little secret here is that the project that is running 
this test case is actually using Maven, and I don't think Maven forks 
JUnit tests...I'll have to investigate this.

> (2) Add a nested <classpath path="mypath"/> to your taskdefs and a
> <sysproperty> to <junit> to pass your classpath as a system property
> to the build file.

OK.  That is probably the least ugly solution.

> (3) Load Project via the classloader for your testcase yourself,
> bypassing the system classloader.  This will not only be tricky but
> almost certainly result in LinkageErrors or ClassCastExceptions.
> Probably other options as well.

I was playing around with Project.setCoreLoader(); perhaps I could set 
a classloader that *doesn't* delegate to its parent?  Not sure.

Thanks for your quick and helpful reply.


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