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From Jason Varsoke <>
Subject cvspass conflict?
Date Sun, 20 Jul 2003 22:59:58 GMT
In my build-file I have ${cvs.root} set either to the anonymous public
CVS or the developers' CVS based on whether ${cvs.login} is set.

My cvs target looks like this:
      <cvspass cvsroot="${cvs.root}"
      <cvs  command="export"
depending on if cvs.login is valid

cvs.passwd="" no matter what since the developer is always prompted for
the password.

If I use the cvs target only for anon login things are just fine.  But
if I use the developer's login once it works, but the anon login will
fail next time with some strange errors.  Deleting the ~/.cvspass cures
this until next round.

This is the error:
      [cvs] Using cvs passfile: /home/jvarsoke/.cvspass
      [cvs] cvs [export aborted]: internal error: get_cvs_port_number
called for invalid connection method (ext): Invalid argument

A quick check with "cvs login" produces
the same results.

The ~/.cvspass looks like this: A A

So I started thinking I don't really need the cvspass target.  So after
commenting it out it produces this for the anon:

      [cvs] cvs export: warning: failed to open /home/jvarsoke/.cvspass
for reading: No such file or directory
      [cvs] cvs export: Updating ictk
      [cvs] . . . 

Which works fine except for the warning reported.  But since this is a
publically released library I'd rather users not get a warning.

All works just fine for the developer's login w/ cvspass.

So, other than keeping a local .cvspass and deleting it after each run,
or using 2 different .cvspass files, is there something I'm doing


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